Ever get sick of having to go to different sites all the time?

I found I didn't want to be paying for access to records all the time, there does be special offers on sites such as Ancestry.com who allow you to access online resources for a free trial or payment. These resources provided can be brilliant in ways that you learn information that you did not know before. Please also note census returns are partial and only 1901 and 1911 are available online for Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Ever find those old photos of people you can't identify?

What Family Research Ireland Do?

Being able to group links to free sites on one site:

Family Research Ireland was created by Owen O Rourke, I chose to create this site to group links to information and databases available online for free for people tracing the Irish Ancestry.


The reason why I chose to do this, is to allow people to access online resources that are grouped with links in one place online.

Free Services online at your disposal