Family Research Ireland

This site is aimed at providing people with more info on tracing their roots.

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Do you know where to start?

The easiest way for starting a search is to speak to people who know about older relatives in your family, this would allow you to record information that is always vital for you research. People can spend years researching their own trees and at times come up against brick walls. These can always be broken down. Some of the easiest ways to start is check the 1901 and 1911 census for free.

  • Always start from the bottom up

  • Always a good tip to start researching from your grandparents side of the family

  • Using certain software's can impede your research

  • Always questions the records you have come across and double  check them with other resources.

  • Use free sites online

  • Research old family letters 

  • Births/Deaths & Marriages can be a good start off.